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Guitar Lessons
in-person or online options available

Lesson Plans customized for you!
Optional follow-up video after each lesson. A YouTube tutorial made just for you!
Lessons from a professional musician with over 25 years playing experience!

A bit about me

Jesse Luciani is a versatile musician with extensive experience in acoustic, electric, and classical guitar playing. He holds an Honours Diploma in Applied Music, and a first-class Bachelor of Music in Performance. 


Jesse has a variety of live performance experience - from lead electric guitar in professional cover acts, to theatre shows, to solo 'singing and strumming' gigs, to orchestral guitar concerts and ensembles, to solo classical guitar recitals. He has a passion for composition, and has written multi-instrument pieces across a variety of genres, including rock, prog, metal, and ambient music. He's been commissioned as a session musician, and even wrote a guitar solo for Emmy Award-winning tv show Miss Persona! 

Jesse has been teaching professionally for over 15 years and maintains a vibrant studio where students of all ages and abilities are able to explore the guitar with lessons that support their goals. No matter when you start and at what skill level, lessons are customized to your individual needs - this is where you'll find exactly what's been missing in your music journey!

What's important about Jesse's students' accomplishments is that they're meeting their goals with his guidance and mentorship. He's successfully prepared students for college and university entrance auditions, Royal Conservatory exams (including an RCM gold medal award), and has taught private classical guitar lessons for undergraduate university students. He is particularly skilled at making theory both understandable and applicable in fun music. Whether you're looking to learn for fun, to reach a particular aspiration, or to explore a new skill or even career path in music, Jesse will work with you to establish a lesson plan just for you, with options for goal-setting and adjusting along the way. 

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