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Jesse Luciani

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What I offer

Teaching Philosophy 

Customized Lesson Plan

Why Online Lessons?

In my experience as both a student and teacher, the best way to learn music is by making it fun - you should play the music you enjoy! As you progress your skill set, I'll incorporate music theory in a seamless manner - from a practical, hands-on approach that you can actually use in your playing. In addition to learning your favourite tunes, I emphasize the joy of creativity and encourage my students to make their own music. There is no 'one size fits all' here - my goal is to help you reach your goals, and to know when to pivot to other goals, keeping lessons engaging, enjoyable, and educational.  

Each student that I've taught has a unique set of goals. So why would I force a pre-determined lesson structure that has nothing to do with what you want to play? What distinguishes my approach is that every week, you'll receive a lesson made just for you based on a customized lesson plan. I also know that interests and goals often change - and that's okay! We'll incorporate a check-in process to make sure that your lessons are growing alongside your skills. Playing the guitar should be fun, so I'll also adjust things to avoid getting stuck in a rut!

Included in each lesson is a brief email outlining key points and strategies, alongside music, tips, and tricks to help you feel supported as you practice throughout the week.

At their core, one-on-one lessons held in-person or online only differ in their setting. In my experience, there are in fact many benefits to virtual lessons! Not only is it a time-saver (no commuting, no waiting to give and get a ride, no concerns should inclement weather arise), there are some other benefits to online lessons too: 

  • You're in the comfort of your own home, taking away any nerves from a more public studio

  • You get the full benefit of the lesson time, without rushing to set up and pack up

  • I can provide notes, comments, and resources (such as links to music) in real time, reinforcing the lesson as its happening

  • You can choose a time that really works for your schedule.

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