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Jesse Luciani

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What I offer

Teaching Philosophy 

Customized Lesson Plan

Why Online Lessons?

OPTIONAL Video Follow-up

Standard Lesson Fee
all fees are in CAD

Lesson + Custom Video Fee
all fees are in CAD

In my experience as both a student and teacher, the best way to learn music is by making it fun - you should play the music you enjoy! As you progress your skill set, I'll incorporate music theory in a seamless manner - from a practical, hands-on approach that you can actually use in your playing. In addition to learning your favourite tunes, I emphasize the joy of creativity and encourage my students to make their own music. There is no 'one size fits all' here - my goal is to help you reach your goals, and to know when to pivot to other goals, keeping lessons engaging, enjoyable, and educational.  

Each student that I've taught has a unique set of goals. So why would I force a pre-determined lesson structure that has nothing to do with what you want to play? What distinguishes my approach is that every week, you'll receive a lesson made just for you based on a customized lesson plan. I also know that interests and goals often change - and that's okay! We'll incorporate a check-in process to make sure that your lessons are growing alongside your skills. Playing the guitar should be fun, so I'll also adjust things to avoid getting stuck in a rut!

Included in each lesson is a brief email outlining key points and strategies, alongside music, tips, and tricks to help you feel supported as you practice throughout the week.

At their core, one-on-one lessons held in-person or online only differ in their setting. In my experience, there are in fact many benefits to virtual lessons! Not only is it a time-saver (no commuting, no waiting to give and get a ride, no concerns should inclement weather arise), there are some other benefits to online lessons too: 

  • You're in the comfort of your own home, taking away any nerves from a more public studio

  • You get the full benefit of the lesson time, without rushing to set up and pack up

  • I can provide notes, comments, and resources (such as links to music) in real time, reinforcing the lesson as its happening

  • You can choose a time that really works for your schedule.

Another benefit of virtual lessons is the option to supplement your lessons with a custom follow-up video. In addition to any virtual resources, you'll also get a guided practice video. This can take many forms, and is once again catered specifically to you! It can include material that allows you to practice along with me, backing tracks, exercise examples, and samples that allow you that you can hear and clearly understand exactly what you're working on that week. Think of it like a YouTube tutorial, made just for you. Videos range between 5 to 15 minutes depending on the content of the lesson for that week.

Follow-up videos can be included in your lesson fee (see below), or you can request one-off videos on an as-needed basis for an additional fee of $20 (CAD).

Lessons take place on Skype or Zoom. (Let me know if you have another platform that you would prefer)

30 Minute Online Lesson $25

45 Minute Online Lesson $35
60 Minute Online Lesson $45

30 Minute Online Lesson + Custom Video $40

45 Minute Online Lesson + Custom Video $50
60 Minute Online Lesson + Custom Video $60

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